Zoe, Zoe Design and Zoe Evolution feature a delicate decorative engraving on all four sides.
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The 3 Zoe collections have been designed for those who want a modern and minimalist frame decoration. All three Zoe designs suit modern kitchens with a vintage touch: Zoe, with a decapé finish; Zoe Design, with a dyed matte finish that enhances the wood grain; Zoe Evolution, with an open-pore lacquer finish, which retains a natural texture.

Minimal and modern frame


The Zoe, Zoe Design and Zoe Evolution doors are characterised by an elegant decorative engraving on the sides.

The Zoe design is available in a clay pickled lacquer finish, and can be combined with all the glass-framed cabinets featured in the catalogue.

Zoe Design is available in four matte stained wood finishes, which show the grain and nuances of wood.

Zoe Evolution has 24-mm thick solid ash framed cabinet doors and an ash veneered central panel that are open-pore lacquered in a choice of colours.

Three designs available with a range of finishes


Solid wood is obtained from the innermost, oldest and most protected part of the ash tree trunk, which is seasoned and dried. The special feature of solid wood is that it is never treated or processed with chemicals. Solid wood is used to make door frames with a more or less minimalist design.

Solid ash wood door

A Zoe Evolution kitchen blends tradition and contemporary style

Surrounded by a lush garden, a historic house with beautiful ceilings and bright rooms is home to a young family with two small children.

The combination of different materials, like the bromine grey Fenix of doors, tops and open units, and the contrasting mid-blue lacquered wood finish of the wall units, elegantly complements the historic elements of the house. A contemporary and functional recycling system is elegantly integrated into the under-sink unit.

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