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Accessories help you keep your space tidy and organised. They allow you to separate and arrange utensils, dishes, food and accessories in a practical and accessible way, making it easier to find and use everything you need to cook.

They also allow you to make the most of the space available. Customise your kitchen by choosing the accessories that best suit your needs.


Available in different styles, pull-outs bring accessibility and organisation in the kitchen. They optimise space and improve the visibility of the products stored.

Pull-outs can hold food supplies, but they are also designed to store dishes, pots and cutlery neatly.

Pull-out storage base units

Pull-out mechanisms for base units from 15 to 60 cm are also available for corner units, allowing easy access to even the most remote areas of the base unit.

Pull-out shelves for tall units

Pull-out mechanisms turn a tall unit into a perfect pantry. They stack easily and allow you to check the contents at all times.

Metal frames


Under-cabinet accessories are a functional and aesthetic addition to your kitchen. They decorate the wall, make it easier to organise your utensils and provide extra storage space.

Metal under-cabinet accessories

We offer a variety of under-cabinet accessories in a variety of styles: from retro style to stainless steel, aluminium, black or white. They can be customised according to the size of your kitchen.

Under-cabinet accessories

Available in different styles, under-cabinet accessories can be attached, removed and combined as required. You can choose from many accessories to help you arrange and organise jars, paper towels, ladles, napkins, spices, cutlery, dishcloths and foils. They are all easy to wash. Some of them are also dishwasher safe.

Magnetolab® glass and aluminium panel

Magnetolab® is a magnetic panel available in a range of materials and finishes that allows you to attach, slide across and remove everyday accessories without the need for holes. It can also be integrated with an LED lighting system.



We offer a range of LED under-cabinet and under-shelf lights, as well as marker lights to illuminate the plinth and the floor. They are specifically designed for the internal storage space of wall units and tall units. Activated by touch sensors or a switch, different types of lights can be adjusted to the desired size.

Additional accessories for organising drawers, baskets, tall units and wall units

Choose the accessories that best suit your needs such as:

  • waste-sorting bins
  • accessories for organising drawers, available in a variety of materials, include cutlery trays, foil and cling film holders, cutting board and rolling pin holders. Discover our beechwood gourmet utensil holder, which comes with a set of stainless steel accessories.
  • accessories for organising large drawers, such as bottle racks, an electric slicer rack, plate and jar racks, including the jars.

Electric opening systems

A handy opening system for when your hands are busy: a light push on the mechanism opens the door by 44 mm, and then it can be opened manually. When not in use, it closes automatically, keeping your kitchen tidy. We also have electric opening systems for flap opening mechanisms.

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