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Who we are

“To make a quality product you need rules. We have written ours from the heart”.

Ar-Tre is the modern product of a passion that spans generations: a passion for well-constructed things, made with great care and expertise, using ancient craftsmanship and advanced technology.

Our numbers

  • 1966
  • 1973
  • 1984
  • 1988
  • Today


Two young brothers, Giovanni and Iginio Polesello – who had trained as designers at the Sacile school of graphic design – returned from Switzerland, where they had been working as construction workers. It was the 1960s, when dreams could come true if they were backed by hard work and ingenuity. They started out as furniture haulers around Italy, but after a while they asked themselves: “Why don't we make our own furniture?” And so began the production of living room furniture with two other business partners.


The company grew and expanded into new foreign markets, the pace of production increased and new investments were considered. A new opportunity to produce kitchens came up. The use of handmade equipment was discontinued and the production plant became state-of-the-art.


Together with their partners, the Polesello brothers founded two kitchen companies and several other furniture companies. They formed the ATMA Group, combining the resources and ideas of their companies to promote international growth.


It was almost the nineties and the need to create innovative, modern kitchens to meet contemporary requirements was felt. Ar-Tre was founded as a result: a flexible company, based on the production of high quality furniture collections, coupled with a focus on customer care.


Today Ar-Tre is managed by the new Polesello generation. Together with their staff, Barbara, Meri and Lorenza, each with their own responsibilities, manage the company to maintain its core principles intact: attention to detail, flexibility, versatility, tradition and innovation. 

36,000 m²
open surface area
41,000 m²
covered surface area
“If you surround yourself with good people,
what you do becomes good”.

Our team


It all starts in the R&D department, which is constantly looking for original and consistent solutions, in terms of aesthetics and functionality. These ideas, first conceived in the production department and developed by skilled sales people, are then sent back to the sales office, where customer orders are processed and checked. The Showroom Design Office helps retailers showcase the quality of Ar-Tre products.

Production department

Edge banding with polyurethane glue, manual and automated painting, quality control of cabinet doors, automated runner assembly, special joinery work: these are essential steps in the production of high quality kitchens. At every stage of production, technology merges with human expertise to achieve perfect results and maximum durability.

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