... What they say about us

What they say about us

Read the reviews of those who have chosen the quality of our kitchens and the comments of our retailers. 

I bought an Ar-Tre kitchen. It was recommended by my father-in-law. He assembles them and has always been happy with these kitchens, because he thinks they are well made and easier to assemble than others.

We have had it for 3 years, and I am very happy with it so far. It’s easy to clean and still looks as good as new. I recommend it !!!!

Chiara D.

I have had a furniture shop for many years, and I have always been happy with Ar-Tre. I have represented several brands. Now I only represent professional and reliable companies that operate with honest margins. Even in these difficult times Ar-Tre has always proven to be fair, flexible and professional. I recommend it to my customers because I believe it has an excellent price/quality ratio. My furniture assemblers also appreciate it, because of its great manufacturing care.

Mauro Mobili&Mobili S.R.L. Loano

We have been working with Ar-Tre for several years and can only say good things about this company.

Excellent value for money, always available and ready to help. Constantly up to date with the latest product trends. Virtually no customer order mishaps. My customers are always very happy.

Studio 3 Design

A professional company made up of professional, polite and competent people. I have been working with them for many years and they are like family to me...

They have always helped whenever I’ve had a problem... thank you very much.

Excellent, reliable, attractive products

Mirko C.

I am the owner of a furniture shop and have been a customer of Ar-Tre for ten years. I think the company is highly trustworthy and very professional.

I share the same level of trust and professional approach with my customers. I have never experienced any problems with them, especially with regards to pricing.

Sandro P.

Ar-Tre may not be a company focused on advertising like other companies, but it certainly focuses on product quality, which I consider to be far more important!

I often have people come to my shop who have never heard of it, and so my job is to convince them of the quality of its products. Once I gain their trust, they all end up being very happy with them, and also send their friends and relatives to me.

Just look at the photos they send me and their thanks. Nothing makes me happier.

Gabriele B.

I have had a furniture shop for many years, and I have always been happy with Ar-Tre. I recommend it to my customers because I think it has a very good price/quality ratio.


I often recommend this company to my customers.

Very professional staff, always happy to meet the requirements of interior designers like me. I am someone who doesn’t settle for ‘standard’ products.

They offer a wide array of styles, both classic and modern, as well as a variety of finishes, materials and colours, which make them suitable for every type of customer.

Impeccable standards of quality, which can be found even in the basic styles.

Professionals need to be able to count on a company like this!

Samy C.

I have just had an Ar-Tre kitchen fitted. The product was recommended by my trusted architect. You can see right away that it is a quality product, characterised by outstanding technical features.

Giovanna G.

We have been collaborating with the manufacturers of these kitchens for years, and must admit that product performance is excellent. They provide functional solutions and the price is attractive. On those rare occasions when we have had problems, we have always managed to find a solution with help from the production department. Our showroom is the right place for anyone wanting to get first-hand experience of the products showcased.

Gabriele from Arredamenti Ballabio

Happy to have purchased a kitchen from this company!

Excellent material quality, excellent finishes. Polite and always ready to assist with our requests. They were also thorough and meticulous during assembly. They left everything tidy and clean. The price was also very good, considering the quality of the product!

Stefano L.

I have had an Ar-Tre Paesana for 16 years and it is still as good as new. Excellent value for money. I am very happy with it!

Eleonora C.

I bought an Ar-Tre kitchen and it was one of my best choices. A very professional retailer. It demonstrates the company’s careful search for quality partners. What I appreciated the most was their help and ability to find the best solutions to fit the space I had available. Top quality finishes and details. I have recommended the Ar-Tre brand to several friends and they have all been very happy. Well done.

Luca B.

Excellent purchase. Excellent quality product and qualified staff.

Jo R.

Very professional. Excellent quality. Ar-Tre is most definitely a company to be proud of in the Italian manufacturing industry. Excellent products.

Pino C.

I have an Ar-Tre kitchen. An excellent product, very functional, nice design. There is also a wide choice of many different styles. I recommend it to anyone who needs to buy or replace a kitchen.

Massimo Z.

Excellent value for money. On time delivery. Very polite staff.

Elisa I.

Excellent quality, price and service!

Fabio M.

I purchased a Flo Evo style Ar-Tre kitchen from an authorised retailer called Zeta Concept. I had problems with the Whirlpool refrigerator from the start. I contacted Whirlpool customer support, which failed to fix the problem even after several attempts and months. I then called the retailer. They got in touch with Ar-Tre, which promptly fixed the problem by replacing the fridge.

I would like to thank Ar-Tre and Zeta Concept for their reliability and professional approach, even if the problem was not their fault.

Donato B.

Kitchens of a high standard! Very helpful staff at all times!

Well done!!!

Teofil M.

Made in Italy! Excellent quality/price ratio! Excellent customer service! Definitely as good as other brands!

Marialaura C.

We bought an Ar-Tre kitchen... simply wonderful!!! Attractive design and excellent quality/price ratio! A VERY PROFESSIONAL, top-notch company in the kitchen sector.

Highly recommended

Alberto B.

Excellent product and a top-notch example of an all-Italian production from Friuli!

Design, quality and impeccable standards of service! Well done!

Francesco C.

Excellent product, delivered on time. Looks great in our home; a truly top-notch product. Very happy.

Stefano M.

I am very happy with it, very good value for money, and definitely as good as other brands I have seen... Thank you.

Daniel M.