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A direct and personal relationship with the retailers

We are proud of our retailer network, both in Italy and abroad. Over the years we have chosen to build direct and lasting business relations, instead of relying on impersonal large-scale distribution. This is because we believe that the best results come from working together and sharing experiences.

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We provide all the material you need to help you deliver the best possible service

Showroom design

Our Ar-Tre team of designers specialised in architecture and interior design will design the kitchen displays in your showroom: from a bespoke concept to a rendering preview.

Virtual showroom

Take your customers on a virtual tour of POMA, the Ar-Tre showroom, from anywhere in Italy and in the world.

3Cad Evolution Tool

We provide a design and quotation tool with all of our latest price lists. Our sales department will assist you at every stage.

Contact us directly

A contact person will be available to help you with anything you need.

In-house training

At fixed times throughout the year, we will invite you to our premises and to the POMA showroom to receive training on new products, and on all our products.

What our retailers say
about Ar-Tre

I have had a furniture shop for many years, and I have always been happy with Ar-Tre. I have represented several brands. Now I only represent professional and reliable companies that operate with honest margins. Even in these difficult times Ar-Tre has always proven to be fair, flexible and professional. I recommend it to my customers because I believe it has an excellent price/quality ratio. My furniture assemblers also appreciate it, because of its great manufacturing care.

Mauro Mobili&Mobili S.R.L. Loano

We have been working with Ar-Tre for several years and can only say good things about this company.

Excellent value for money, always available and ready to help. Constantly up to date with the latest product trends. Virtually no customer order mishaps. My customers are always very happy.

Studio 3 Design

A professional company made up of professional, polite and competent people. I have been working with them for many years and they are like family to me...

They have always helped whenever I’ve had a problem... thank you very much.

Excellent, reliable, attractive products

Mirko C.

I am the owner of a furniture shop and have been a customer of Ar-Tre for ten years. I think the company is highly trustworthy and very professional.

I share the same level of trust and professional approach with my customers. I have never experienced any problems with them, especially with regards to pricing.

Sandro P.

Ar-Tre may not be a company focused on advertising like other companies, but it certainly focuses on product quality, which I consider to be far more important!

I often have people come to my shop who have never heard of it, and so my job is to convince them of the quality of its products. Once I gain their trust, they all end up being very happy with them, and also send their friends and relatives to me.

Just look at the photos they send me and their thanks. Nothing makes me happier.

Gabriele B.

I have had a furniture shop for many years, and I have always been happy with Ar-Tre. I recommend it to my customers because I think it has a very good price/quality ratio.


I often recommend this company to my customers.

Very professional staff, always happy to meet the requirements of interior designers like me. I am someone who doesn’t settle for ‘standard’ products.

They offer a wide array of styles, both classic and modern, as well as a variety of finishes, materials and colours, which make them suitable for every type of customer.

Impeccable standards of quality, which can be found even in the basic styles.

Professionals need to be able to count on a company like this!

Samy C.

We have been collaborating with the manufacturers of these kitchens for years, and must admit that product performance is excellent. They provide functional solutions and the price is attractive. On those rare occasions when we have had problems, we have always managed to find a solution with help from the production department. Our showroom is the right place for anyone wanting to get first-hand experience of the products showcased.

Gabriele from Arredamenti Ballabio
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