... Built-in kitchens

Built-in kitchens

By carefully combining different materials such as ceramic, stone and wood, you can create the built-in kitchen of your dreams.

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Built-in kitchens

Rustic fitted kitchens give the impression of a bespoke room, in which the kitchen sits like a jewel. Our built-in kitchens are extremely versatile, and come in a wide range of designs, sizes and shapes, as well as modular options. The quality and solidity of our built-in kitchens is also supported by the use of top-quality materials: ceramics, the oldest manufacturing tradition in the Mediterranean area; Sassi del Piave, small, ancient stones lying on the river bed; wood, an expression of nature and warmth.

Versatility and refined materials

Tiled kitchens

Tiling is a wall covering that has the same base support as the brickwork, onto which tiles are applied. Tiling can be applied to all of our kitchen collections, both classic and modern.

Both classic and modern
Masonry can be applied
to all of our Ar-Tre kitchen collections,
both classic and modern.

Some examples of country and rustic built-in kitchens


Contessa is the queen of our classic kitchens, combining the flavour of the past with contemporary choices. Contessa is characterised by its distinctive ashlar cherry wood doors. They are considerably thick, with a warm cherry tone and a slightly curved profile. The bronzed metal and ceramic handle is a striking feature of doors and drawers.

Cherry wood door


Strength, simplicity and elegance are the striking features of our Paesana kitchen, a sophisticated traditional-style kitchen characterised by refined ashlar doors and the deep colour of oak wood. The door is exquisitely hand-crafted, giving it a unique handmade character.



Epoca is a solid acacia wood door. The design of the frame edges is reminiscent of a floral pattern. It is a typical hand-crafted decoration that combines new technologies with craftsmanship. Each door is unique, with carvings and small inlays that are the result of complex craftsmanship. The Epoca door is made from solid wood with a beige and walnut pickled finish.

Hand-crafted floral designs

Some tips for a modern built-in kitchen

If you prefer a contemporary design, you can make a few adjustments to create a modern, linear built-in kitchen with an elegant, minimalist flair about it.

Built-in kitchen with a peninsula

Add functionality and style with a built-in kitchen with a peninsula. It creates a focal point and provides extra space for meal preparation.

Hand-crafted built-in kitchens

Built-in kitchens are easy to assemble and disassemble. They are strong yet lightweight. Each individual kitchen is hand-crafted, to create bespoke built-in kitchens.

Some tips for a rustic, country and shabby chic built-in kitchen

If you want to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your kitchen, built-in kitchens are the ideal choice.

Shabby chic built-in kitchens

For a shabby chic built-in kitchen or a modern Provençal style kitchen, choose a built-in kitchen featuring distinctive details such as stone, wood and pastel colours.

Bespoke built-in kitchens

A bespoke built-in kitchen allows you to customise every detail, from size to decorative features, to create a unique space that reflects your taste and needs. Explore the beauty and authenticity of built-in kitchens. They combine traditional craftsmanship with a modern twist, to create kitchens that exude warmth and timeless style.

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