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“Machines have arms. You put your soul into them”.

Technologically advanced production allows our Pordenone-based kitchen company to put passion and attention to hand-crafted details into every kitchen.

Production takes place entirely in our kitchen factory in Italy.

Panel warehouse

At Ar-Tre, the kitchen production process starts with chipboard and MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) panels, which are either painted, or in the case of chipboard, melamine-faced. Both types of panel are processed and formed into frames and cabinet doors.

Automated panel warehouse

Two separate processes take place in the automated warehouse: individual panels are picked for the ‘just-in-time’ process. For mass production, several panels are grouped together. They are first sent to the panel sizing machine, and then edge-banded.

Edge banding with polyurethane glue

The panels are cut to size, squared on all four sides using a precision machine and finished with an edge that matches the aesthetic effect of the panel. This is done using a polyurethane glue that guarantees high resistance to the most common external agents in the kitchen: water, steam, solvents and temperature fluctuations.

Manual painting process

In our company, we hand-paint kitchen plinths, grooves and handles, as well as chairs, extractor hoods and other hand-crafted elements. From the sanding of the wood through to the subsequent steps, the operator’s experience and attention to detail are essential to achieve a perfect result.

Automated painting

After manual priming, the door panels are scanned by a capacitive sensor that detects their surface and thickness. This allows the robot to apply a perfect finish, with minimal paint waste, improving both productivity and the environment.

Quality control of cabinet doors

Once painted, the doors are placed upright and inspected for defects under optimum lighting conditions in our kitchen factory. The final composition of the wood doors is also simulated at this stage, to check that the grain is evenly aligned.

Automated runner assembly

The finished panels are fitted with 30-kg and 70-kg heavy-duty runners, on an automated line that guarantees maximum assembly precision.

Frame machining

Work ranges from 6-pin assembly to make the frames more stable over time, to the insertion of groove handles. We work on the frames to make them functional, attractive and durable.

Internal joinery work

The carpentry workshop in our Pordenone-based kitchen factory carries out a series of specific tasks that require expert hands and eyes: from the creation of customised or non-standard elements to the installation of mechanisms, baskets, lighting systems and metal reinforcing profiles.

Control systems from start to finish

Every single element of our Ar-Tre kitchens is bar-coded throughout the production process. This makes it possible to track its location at any time, each processing stage, as well as the next production step.

Automated loading

The finished products are carefully packed and transferred to the automated warehouse. From there, a shuttle picks them up when it is time to load them onto the vehicles for delivery. The warehouse architecture allows all operations to be carried out in an orderly and timely manner.

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