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Metal frames

Open shelving kitchen elements

Open shelving elements for metal kitchens are a contemporary and elegant design choice. They are ideal for displaying decorative items or kitchen utensils. Metal provides strength and durability, while the open front design creates a sense of visual lightness. 

Modular installation allows you to create bespoke open shelving elements to suit the size and style of your kitchen.


Under-cabinet units

Open shelving elements such as upper cabinets, under cabinets, free-standing tall units and island wall units provide additional space to display easily accessible items. These elements offer design flexibility and are great space organisers, contributing to a comfortable and functional kitchen environment. The option to add a customised back panel in a choice of finishes, with or without lighting, increases the range of design possibilities.

Moving wood walls

Perfect for a vertical vegetable garden or as an additional place to store wine and tableware accessories, the moving walls come in three different finishes. They are designed for hanging various accessories on the ribbed panels.

Sign modular elements

These aluminium rods, integrated with a dual lighting system, are designed to increase the brightness of the room.

Open shelving units and tall units for kitchens and living rooms

Also suitable for the living area, metal structures with open shelving units redefine the space and increase the display area.

Many alternatives for steel lovers

We offer many steel elements, such as steel worktops, internal storage accessories for tall units, and stainless steel basket accessories.

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