The Vanessa door features a lime-washed oak finish and a minimal frame, making it suitable for both classic and modern environments.
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The Vanessa door frame has a clean-cut and linear design, making it suitable for both classic and modern environments. To enhance its modernity, the lime-washed oak finish can be easily combined with various glossy and matte lacquer colours.

Oak can be combined with lacquer finishes


The Vanessa design features a 24-mm thick solid oak framed door, with a lime-washed oak finish. It can be customised with veneered MDF overhead and under-cabinet frames. In its most contemporary version, it can be paired with a satin or polished aluminium plinth. The central panel can be replaced with white frosted glass.

Also available with aluminium plinth


Solid oak doors are known for their durability, strength and stability. In the lime-washed version, a layer of chalked paint or enamel is applied to the wood surface, resulting in a matte and opalescent finish that resembles chalk. The end result is a delicate and slightly bleached finish, which enhances the natural grain and structure of oak wood.

Solid oak door

A bright Vanessa kitchen

This couple from Treviso wanted a spacious and bright kitchen, after living in a compact studio apartment. The outcome is a modern take on a classic design: the washing area and the sorted waste disposal compartment are very functional, while maintaining a strong focus on design.

To make the room even cleaner and more spacious, the hood is integrated inside the wall unit.

your Ar-Tre kitchen
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