Sky is the functional and versatile kitchen available in a variety of smooth matte, oak-effect or textured finishes.
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Sky allows you to create endless combinations: combine oak-effect finishes with metal accessories for an industrial look. Choose a high-tech top combined with a smooth matte finish and an integrated handle for a minimalist, modern style. Use textured finishes for a surface that is also interesting to the touch. Create the kitchen that suits your style.

Clean-cut, modern style


Sky is a kitchen with 22-mm thick, double-sided smooth melamine-faced cabinet doors, ABS edged with polyurethane glue. They come in a wide range of finishes, including matte colours, wood effect and textured effect. The textured effects are paired with their units, but with Sky you can also combine cabinet doors and units with different finishes.

The Sky doors are produced in-house and are available from stock, to ensure optimal delivery times.

Contrasting finishes


Melamine is a practical, versatile, durable and cost-effective solution. Melamine-faced panels are wood-based panels covered with a paper impregnated with melamine resin, from which it takes its name. It belongs to the family of faced panels, consisting of multiple layers of wood particles. It is easy to clean, and it is impact and moisture resistant.

Melamine-faced panel with a double-sided surface

A functional Sky kitchen

A Milanese flat from the 1930s has been revamped and transformed into the dream home for a family of four. The white colour of the kitchen, separated from the living room, stands out against a grey palette of colours, giving a contemporary twist to the vintage details of the house.

This kitchen is designed to be ergonomic and functional, with pantry units featuring corner pull-out baskets and under-sink base units equipped with sorted waste bins.

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