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Progetto Sistema Laccato

The Progetto Sistema Laccato is designed for those who want a lacquered kitchen with smooth doors and a minimalist design.
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Smooth lacquered doors give the kitchen an elegant and sophisticated look that blends in with the many different styles and materials featured in the home. 

The smooth, seamless surface with straight or curved lines, creates a sense of cleanliness and order. You can choose your favourite colour to create endless customisation options.

Straight or curved lines


The Progetto Sistema Laccato design features 22-mm thick MDF cabinet doors lacquered on both sides. Available in a choice of 40 gloss and matte colours, and four metallic finishes. On request, lacquer is also available in RAL or NCS colours.

Customisable lacquer options


Lacquer doors are a trendy solution for fans of minimalist design. The lacquer finish refers to a wood fibre panel coated with several layers of lacquer over its entire surface. An unlimited range of colours can be applied in matte, gloss or metallic finishes.

MDF lacquered door

A dynamic Progetto Sistema Laccato kitchen

After a hectic day at work, this kitchen, with its curved elements, is the perfect way to unwind.

This dynamically shaped kitchen complements the living area: not far from the beating heart of the city, it bring moments of relaxation. The matte Caffelatte lacquer finish of the grooves and the curved elements of the peninsula blend with the brightness of the living area and the terrace, spreading calm throughout the house.

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