Infinity is a solid wood kitchen with a modern design and framed cabinet doors, with handles integrated into the frame itself.
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Infinity has been designed for those who love the elegance of a framed cabinet door, coupled with the modern and functional quality of an integrated handle. The frame actually serves as a handle, making the solid wood framed door the focal point. The range of lacquer finishes available and the option of using screen-printed glass allow this kitchen range to be installed in elegant and refined modern environments.

Frame with integrated handle


Infinity features 22-mm thick solid ash framed cabinet doors, and an ash veneered central panel. The doors can be lacquered in a choice of colours. Infinity also offers a 22-mm thick framed cabinet door in knotty natural oak, with a central panel in matching oak veneer. The door handle is on the frame itself. Solid doors can be combined with glass-framed cabinet doors in matching finishes.

Also available with a glass frame


Solid wood is obtained from the innermost, oldest and most protected part of the tree trunk, which is seasoned and dried. The special feature of solid wood is that it is never treated or processed with chemicals. Solid wood is used to make door frames with a more or less minimalist design.

Solid ash and oak 

A modular Infinity kitchen

This Nordic-style flat expresses a desire for nature and authenticity through the return of wood in the kitchen, with its knots and visible grain.

Much more than cabinets: modular elements, puzzle-shaped modular metal shelves, areas and systems that separate, display, store and organise space in the kitchen. It is the hyper storage system that will customise and redesign a contemporary kitchen and living room area.

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