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I Naturali is the kitchen range for lovers of real wood combined with high-tech materials.
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The I Naturali collection seamlessly blends natural and contemporary elements to create unique interiors, combining real wood with materials such as eco-resin, organic glass, Fenix and lacquers. For a modern style, combine a wood finish with organic glass for your doors. For a minimalist style, choose Fenix or a lacquer finish. For an industrial style, combine a rougher wood finish with a metallic lacquer or eco-resin. Express your personality with versatile combinations.

Wood paired with contemporary materials


The I Naturali range features 23/24-mm thick cabinet doors. They have a brushed and tranché oak veneer base available in a range of colours, and in a natural knotty oak finish. You can combine these doors with Fenix fronts, eco-resin fronts, matte and high gloss GLK organic glass fronts, matte and high gloss lacquered fronts and metallic lacquered fronts.

Contrasting finishes


Veneering is the process of covering a wood panel with a very thin layer of wood, called a veneer. This is one of the finest materials available, which gives doors the natural look that only real wood can provide. Veneered doors have special characteristics: they feel warm to the touch and have a natural grain.

Oak veneered door

I Naturali: a kitchen in the countryside

The colours and materials of the kitchen in this Nordic-style house were inspired by nature. The surrounding countryside blends with the warmth of the knotty oak veneer finish of the cabinet doors, and contrasts with the matte anthracite surface of the peninsula.

The two living areas are divided, but not completely separated: the materials, especially the layer of wood that covers the open shelving units, the kitchen table and the cabinet doors, link the two areas.

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