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I Masselli doors are suitable for a wide range of styles, from classic to country.
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We have designed the same type of framed door with an ashlar pattern and an external handle in a number or different versions. Thanks to the variety of finishes available, the I Masselli collection can be used to create kitchens in classic, country, rustic and shabby chic styles. It is also perfect for an industrial style environment, when combined with metal elements.

Ashlar and external handle


The I Masselli range has 24-mm thick solid wood framed doors, featuring solid wood ashlars. The doors are available in a range of finishes: knotty oak, antique-effect, pickled, walnut, light oak and lacquer. In addition, the range offers a wide choice of grid or muntin frames, as well as the option of using burnished Stopsol glass or transparent moulded glass.

A wide range of finishes


Solid wood framed doors are decorated with ashlars, i.e., rectangular patterns that can be obtained by assembling several elements on the door, or by hollowing out the surface. The ashlar door has a thicker centre panel in the middle and thinner sides near the frame.

Solid wood

A fully equipped kitchen from the I Masselli range.

For Francesco, the kitchen is a place where you can feel good and retrieve natural rhythms and inspirations that also help you restore a more balanced relationship with nature. 

He has therefore chosen the warmth of knotty oak wood, which contrasts with the striking colour scheme of the dark worktop and appliances. The result is a reinterpretation of the classic kitchen, designed to suit more contemporary stylistic requirements, thanks to a well-equipped and organised space for sorted waste disposal.

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