Ginevra is the classic kitchen of timeless elegance and sophistication.
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Inspired by the style of ancient palaces, the ashlar frame of the Ginevra kitchen design allows you to create a kitchen in perfect classic and baroque style. The elegance of this collection is further enhanced by its precious lacquers and antique-effect gold and silver finishes.

Classic and baroque


The Ginevra design features 23-mm thick solid wood framed doors and an MDF central panel. They are lacquered in a range of colours, including antique-effect gold and silver finishes. Solid doors can be combined with glass-framed doors with a muntin, in a range of matching finishes.

Antique-effect gold and silver finish


Solid wood framed doors are decorated with ashlars, i.e., rectangular patterns that can be obtained by assembling several elements on the door, or by hollowing out the surface. The ashlar door has a thicker centre panel in the middle and thinner sides near the frame.

Solid wood and MDF centre panel 

An elegant Ginevra kitchen

This historic villa in Padua has the elegance of a bygone era. The kitchen is bright and airy, with coffered ceilings and stucco decorations. The old room interiors have been adapted to today's living requirements, while respecting the existing structure. None of the walls have been demolished, and as much material as possible has been salvaged.

The centrepiece of the cooking area is the hood, which conceals storage compartments and pull-out baskets. A range of furnishing accessories and tall island units lend a timeless elegance to the kitchen.

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