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The Fly Evo Flo Evo kitchen range offers a choice of opening systems to suit your style and functional needs.
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This range is for those looking for a geometric, neat and streamlined kitchen. The Fly Evo cabinet door has a smooth surface and is square on all four sides. It can be fitted with various types of external, integrated or groove handles.

The Flo Evo door is available with the same decors and has a handle-shaped design, creating an even cleaner and more minimalist style.
The cabinet door range is also extended to include the lowered plinth (80-mm H), providing a wider range of arrangement options.

Various opening systems


The Fly Evo range features 22-mm thick cabinet doors made of smooth double-sided melamine. The doors are ABS edged with polyurethane glue, and available in many finishes, such as wood effect, plaster effect, stone effect and many matte and gloss lacquers. The Fly Evo doors are square on all four sides, while the Flo Evo version has a handle built into the door.

Many different finishes


Melamine is a practical, versatile, durable and cost-effective solution. Melamine-faced panels are wood-based panels covered with a paper impregnated with melamine resin, from which it takes its name. It belongs to the family of faced panels, consisting of multiple layers of wood particles. It is easy to clean, and it is impact and moisture resistant.

Melamine-faced panel with a double-sided surface

A Flo Evo kitchen with adjoining laundry room

For this new house, where the laundry room is adjacent to the kitchen, we created an elegant aesthetic integration of two functional areas, using the same materials.

The kitchen consists of two adjoining areas: the wall-mounted cooking and washing area and the storage area, which consists of tall units arranged on a slide rail inside a niche.

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