Duchessa is the lime-washed kitchen design with a square country-style frame.
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The lime-washed finish gives a shabby chic look to the oak wood, lending a feeling of warmth and softness to the room. The square lines of the frame, fitted with a central panel, and combined with the lime washed finish of oak wood, make it particularly suitable for rustic and country-style rooms.

Lime-washed finish


The Duchessa design features a 24-mm thick solid oak framed door with a lime-washed oak finish. It can be customised with veneered MDF overhead and under-cabinet frames. The central panel can be replaced with a muntin frame and white satin glass.

Also available with a grid and glass


Solid oak doors are known for their durability, strength and stability. In the lime-washed version, a layer of chalked paint or enamel is applied to the wood surface, resulting in a matte and opalescent finish that resembles chalk. The end result is a delicate and slightly bleached finish, which enhances the natural grain and structure of oak wood.

Solid oak

A spacious Duchessa kitchen

Carlo's kitchen, located in Valdobbiadene, in the heart of the Veneto region, is the perfect place to experiment with recipes.

This kitchen is comfortable and practical, with a sink in front of the window and a spacious and well-equipped work area.

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