Cloe features solid ash framed doors, external handles and a range of lacquer finishes in many colours to suit both modern and classic interiors.
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Cloe is the kitchen with framed cabinet doors combined with an external handle. This kitchen range enhances both modern and classic interiors, thanks to the wide range of lacquer colours available. Wooden frames and plinths can also be added to match the colour of the doors.

Modern and classic


The Cloe design features 24-mm thick ash framed doors with a central panel in veneered ash, which can be lacquered in a choice of 8 colours. Solid doors can be combined with glass-framed doors in matching colours.

Also available with a glass-framed door


Solid wood is obtained from the innermost, oldest and most protected part of the ash tree trunk, which is seasoned and dried. The special feature of solid wood is that it is never treated or processed with chemicals. Solid wood is used to make door frames with a more or less minimalist design.

Solid ash wood

Cloe: a kitchen designed for social gatherings

A small renovated farmhouse in Puglia is now home to a family that loves the simple atmosphere of country life. The contemporary style of the kitchen blends nicely with the typical local architecture.

The large kitchen has a work and snack peninsula that embodies the convivial nature of this environment, where the cupboards and open pantry fit perfectly into the space and keep things tidy.

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