Castellana is the classic kitchen made of real walnut wood.
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Traditionally, walnut is a popular choice for classic kitchens, due to its durability and beautiful appearance. Warm colours combined with a rich and unique grain give cabinet doors a natural and elegant look. The refined classic decorations of the ashlar frame enhance the walnut finish of Castellana.

Warm and natural colours


The Castellana design features a door framed in solid walnut and a 25-mm ashlar in a walnut finish. It can be matched with a walnut door with carved decorations. It can be customised with veneered overhead and under-cabinet frames. The central panel can be replaced with patterned glass and tile decorations.

Also available with carved decorations


The Castellana door range is made of solid walnut, a material known for its durability, stability and resistance, but most of all for the beauty of its warm and unique colour.

Solid walnut

A built-in Castellana kitchen

A Castellana kitchen was chosen in a tiled masonry version for this home in the Siena hills. This sophisticated kitchen is also functional and ergonomic.

Practical pull-out drawers are combined with the refined decorations of the doors and handles.

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