The Barchessa door has an elegant arched frame.
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In a Barchessa kitchen, the upper horizontal band of the frame is rounded at the bottom to form an arch, adding refinement and dynamism to the doors. The various lacquer colours available enable the full expression of each style. Pastel colours are suitable for a Provençal style, while a pickled finish is ideal for a shabby chic kitchen. Light tones work well for a country style, and dark tones, combined with elegant decorations, are perfect for a classic style.

Arched frame


The Barchessa design features a solid oak 25-mm door. It is available in a light oak or acacia finish, and in a beige or light blue pickled finish. The door can be painted in any colour from the RAL/NCS scale, upon request. It can be customised with veneered MDF overhead and under-cabinet frames that can be decorated to match the door. Carved decorations can be inserted with any finish. The central panel of the cabinet doors can be replaced with patterned glass.

Also available with carved decorations


The cabinet doors have ashlars, which are rectangular decorations made by assembling several elements on the door, or by hollowing out its surface. The ashlar door has a thicker centre panel in the middle and thinner sides near the frame.

Solid oak

A country style Barchessa kitchen

A couple from Milan has escaped the hectic pace of the city by converting an old foundry into a cosy guest house in a Swiss village near Locarno.

The kitchen features matte butter lacquered solid wood tall units and doors, along with contemporary details like the black textured laminate top and splashback, and satin-finished steel appliances and handles.

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