Quality for Ar-Tre means accurate manufacturing, materials which maintain their characteristics over time, attention to details, shapes, structures, colours which are in perfect harmony and surfaces which are pleasing to the touch.
The quality which Ar-Tre offers is the essence of what makes using their creations satisfying, comfortable and trustworthy over time.

Quality also means ergonomics: Ar-Tre’s research is aimed at identifying the right parameters in a kitchen plan to guarantee a good relationship between the home owner and their environment, planning and creating elements and accessories which make movements and actions, which are carried out while living in one’s own environment, easier, safer and more natural.


AR-TRE is characterised by its highly flexible working methodology, which is perfectly adaptable to the specific requirement of each client, guaranteeing figures and results with insight in the field of custom-made production.

Deciding together how to render your spaces unique, while offering you tangible and absolute free choice. Creating an important relationship between the home owner and their environment, creating harmony and made-to-measure comfort.


Ar-tre offers frames and tops which are totally water-repellent, radiated edges for greater safety, drawers equipped with the Tandembox Blumotion™ system to guarantee total extraction and hinges adapted to very wide opening movements to enable real practicality and accessibility.

These are just some examples of how every Ar-Tre proposal is synonymous with technology applied to materials and technology which is usable everyday.
But the concept of technology which, in recent years, has been able to guide the company should also be recognised in its absolute respect for the environment: production which tries to minimise the quantity of manufacturing waste and energy utilised by bringing design and aesthetics together with a strongly ethical approach to production.



Your kitchen will seem anonymous and unwelcoming? Need new ideas to turn your house in a love nest? Entrusted to Andrea Castrignano and unlock the secrets of interior design!