The experience of one of the most prestigious industry groups in the furniture industry was created and developed over the years the company Three Ar. Always specialized in the production of modern and classic kitchens of high quality, Ar Three is a convincing example of a tradition that is continually renewed!



Established in 1988, AR-TRE immediately gained the attention of its target market thanks to its real working flexibility and its quality products: ingredients which have laid the foundation for its rapid development and constant growth. The company’s collection can be identified by its traditional style, modern and design stone kitchens: craftsmanship, old time values and modern technology for a product with strong character and unmistakeable style.


AR-TRE has always been outstanding in its sharp attention to the changing needs and requirements of its clients. Orientated towards continual development and continuous research in order to guarantee the highest quality in production standards, the company can offer furnishing solutions which best represent your way of life and your understanding of a kitchen environment. The Ar-Tre “Made in Italy” brand recognises a way of being which is linked both to past values and to the present day, by offering not just a product, but also a living experience for your house.

AR-TRE is an integral part of the ATMA Group, leader in the furnishings sector.
The ATMA Group, which was founded in 1984, operates in the North-Eastern area of Italy and includes 15 production plants, plus a series of distinctive company brands. A surface area of 381,000 square metres, over 1000 employees, and a turnover of more than €190 million: these are important numbers which highlight the real solidity of our growing and continually developing reality.

The type of products made by our companies can be appreciated throughout our entire range of furniture for the home, from the kitchen to the living room, from the bedroom to the bathroom fittings, from the walls, to the entrance hall and the accessories.
The Mission Statement of our Group is to generate value and promote culture through furnishing solutions which are able to offer lifestyle models.
Authentic products, true markers of the MADE IN ITALY style.

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Increase in sales since 1990

The market goes global.

The company’s long-term view has allowed a real expansion for AR-TRE which has seen their products being exported to different markets both within Europe and beyond. Exports are becoming a fundamental aspect of the company’s production and business activities. Their new product ideas are able to draw in different types of people, by accommodating their requirements and tastes. The Ar-Tre “Made in Italy” brand recognises a way of being which is linked both to past values and to the present day by offering not just new ideas, with aesthetic and functional aspects, but a style of life.